Dr Gaby Prinsloo

Hi there!

Dr Gaby Prinsloo (MBChB, PhD) is medical director at leading professional beauty company, the International Institute for Anti-Ageing (iiaa).

She is a medical doctor and expert in functional medicine and wellness with almost 20 years’ experience as a medical practitioner. In her role as medical director for the iiaa, she spearheads the businesses’ skin health research projects and supports the iiaa’s educational output, bringing her breadth of experience to a wide range of training, seminars and informational content.

Dr Gaby initially trained as a medical doctor, and spent 10 years working in general practice and emergency medicine before specialising in functional medicine and wellness. She also gained a PhD in exercise science and has several publications in international scientific journals.

Along the way, she has also explored and studied ageing, nutrition, meditation, mindfulness, psychology, sleep and numerous healing modalities. She integrates these into a holistic, science-based approach to improving wellbeing and healthy ageing reflecting the iiaa’s own 360-degree approach to skincare and wellness.

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